[SoC] GSoC 2020 Final Report (Enhancing AR Support for MapMint4ME and adding GPS Satellite Tracking)

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Dear Community Members,
This is my Final Report for GSoC 2020. It has been a great experience
working with OSGeo.
Thank you to everyone, GSoC, OSGeo and MapMint association.

* Link complete final report* :

*1) Title:* Enhancing AR Support for MapMint4ME and adding GPS
Satellite Tracking

*2) Organization:* OSGeo and MapMint

*3) Abstract:*

MapMint is an internet-based Geographic Information System (GIS),
which is designed to facilitate deployment of Spatial Data
Infrastructure (SDI). In an SDI, geographic data, metadata, tools, and
the users are connected in an interactive manner in a framework so as
to use the spatial information in an efficient and flexible way.
MapMint combines various different software in a complete and coherent
web mapping platform, thus helping users in building their own maps
and web-applications. These web-services are built on top of the
ZOO-Project. The ZOO-Project, at the heart of MapMint, is capable of
deploying WPS data processing services, efficiently and easily. For
this, it uses MapServer as the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)
services engine. MapServer provides the following functionalities:

   - Web Map Service - Visualization and Analysis of geographical data
   - Web Coverage Service - Accessing Image data
   - Web Feature Service - Accessing geographic data in vector format

MapMint services provide a user-friendly interface to interact with
these web services, ranging from a simple map display to complex
geographical operations. MapMint4ME is an Android application for
field data collection used for MapMint web-services.

The aim of the project is to extend Augmented Reality (AR) support in
the MapMint4ME application. The motivation for the project was to
improve field data acquisition. AR Simulation module provides users
capability to visualize 3D objects simulation in real world scenes. AR
Area module allows users to export measured "AR measurements" into
text format and which can be used for further analysis. MapMint4ME
works without the internet too, so adding a GPS Satellite information
module which gives detailed and real time dynamic analysis about GPS
Coordinates and GPS Satellite information improves the information
gathering process and makes it more efficient.
MapMint4ME before GSoC 2020:
MapMint4ME is an android application with the capability to record
data on the field to take photos, record their position, and view
their current location on a map based on the configuration settings of
their MapMint server. When the user returns to a place with access to
the internet, the recorded data can be uploaded back to the MapMint
server. MapMint4ME is also able to store media files and able to
receive data directly from sensors.

*5) Updates in MapMint4ME during GSoC 2020:*
Augmented Reality support extended in MapMint4ME. Following three
different features were added to the MapMint4ME using Google ARCore.
The added features are as follows[1]:


   AR Simulation : A simulation is an approximate imitation of the
operation of a process or system. Augmented Reality simulation serves
the purpose of experimentation and usability evaluation. In this
module, the user can place any 3D object in the real world scene
virtually. Users are virtually able to adjust an object's position and
adjust its size according to its need. Simulation module also includes
accelerating which provides the ability of left, right and forward
direction movements of the 3D object in the real world domain, also
added functionality for rotating this 3D object.

   AR Scale + Export: Measuring real world things with the help of
augmented reality is the objective of this task. Users are able to
measure length, width and height for multiple objects and save all
those measurements in text format. Later after taking all measurements
users can export those measurements, and are easily able to save in
google drive or locally as a text file.

   GPS Satellite Module: As MapMint4ME works without internet also, so
for offline data collection GPS Coordinate plays an important role.
Apart from GPS Coordinates, GPS Satellite information is also
necessary. GPS Satellite information module provides the following
information for each detected satellite using GpsSatellite Class
in Android.

   1) PRN No  : Psuedo Random No for satellite

   2) SNR : Signal to noise ratio for satellite

   3) Azimuth: Azimuth angle for satellite

   4) Elevation : Elevation angle for satellite

   5) UsedInFix: Boolean value representing if satellite used to fix
location or not

   This module also shows how many satellites are detected, and out of
   which how many actually are used to fix GPS Coordinates. All the above
   information about the satellites is real time and changes dynamically.

*6) Future Opportunities:*

There are endless possibilities of what we can do with Augmented Reality .
Adding more Augmented Reality support based on requirements can improve
field data collection surely. At present AR Scale + Export & AR Simulation
both are different modules,but if both of them can be merged so that we can
use AR Scale + Export module to take measurements and visualise objects of
that particular size using AR Simulation. In the GPS Satellite module we
can provide features to visualise those tracked satellites in an animation.
Working and Examples:

Implementation video about how to use added functionalities in MapMin4ME[2]

*8) Link to Repository:*[3]

*9) Link to Final Report: *[4]

*9) Link to Project's OSGeo Wiki-page:*[5]

*10) Final APK: *[6]

*11) Other repositories:*[7][8][9]

*12) Other Important Links: *Google Drive Folder with Videos & images[10]
If there is any feedback/suggestion or issue you face while using the
project, please feel free to reach out to me.

Aditi Sawant

[3] https://github.com/aditis1204/MapMint4ME
[4] https://github.com/aditis1204/MapMint4ME/wiki/Final-Report:-GSoC-2020
[7] https://github.com/aditis1204/AR_Measure
[8] https://github.com/aditis1204/ARSimulator
[9] https://github.com/aditis1204/GPS_Satellite_tracker

On Mon, Aug 31, 2020 at 10:29 PM aditi sawant <aditisawant007 at gmail.com>

> Dear Community Members,
> This is my Final Report for GSoC 2020. It has been a great experience
> working with OSGeo.
> 1) Final Report :
> https://github.com/aditis1204/MapMint4ME/wiki/Final-Report:-GSoC-2020
> 2) OSGeo Wiki Page :
> https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Enhancing_AR_Support_for_MapMint4ME_and_adding_GPS_Satellite_Tracking
> 3) Final Repo : https://github.com/aditis1204/MapMint4ME
> If there is any feedback/suggestion or issue you face while using the
> project, please feel free to reach out to me.
> Regards,
> Aditi Sawant
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