[SoC] [GSoC] 2020 - Develop CQL Filter implementation for pygeoapi - Weekly Report

Farheen Bano farheenbano94 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 06:35:33 PDT 2020

Hello Everyone,
This is my report for period (May 27-May 31). The updated report can also
be found at the project wiki page
The forked repo of the project can be found here

What I have done during this period?

   - Took jitsi conference call with the mentors to understand the codebase
   of the project and discuss on the tasks that needs to covered in coding
   phase 1 period
   - Edited the GSoC proposal from XML implementation to JSON
   implementation CQL

*What am I going to achieve for next week?*

   - Implement CQL filter specifications (
   as OpenAPI Document

*Is there any blockers?*

   - No blockers for now

Farheen Bano
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