[SoC] GSoC 2020 - Enhancing ARScale and CloudAnchor support to the MapMint4ME Android Application- Coding Phase Week 3

aditi sawant aditisawant007 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 09:16:31 PDT 2020

Dear Community Members,
This is my report for Coding Period Week 3(June 8th - June 14th).

*What I completed this week?*

   - I added the following methods which give more information regarding
   GPS satellites currently used to fix locations, Satellite information is
   required because MapMint4ME acquires data without internet
   - getPrn() method returns pseudo random number for satellite
   - getAzimuth() method returns azimuth of the satellite in degrees
   - getElevation() method returns elevation of the satellite in degrees
   - getSnr() method returns signal to noise ratio
   - usedInFix() method returns Returns true if the satellite was used by
   the GPS engine when calculating the most recent GPS fix
   - Currently all above methods give outputs on the android studio console
   which can be seen at[1]
   - Integrated last week’s work on MapMint4ME app, for this I created some
   UI elements and modified the edit.html file to integrate the GPS Satellite
   Information module

*What am I going to achieve for next week?*

   - To show output of getPrn(), getAzimuth(), getSnr(), getElevation(),
   usedInFix() on UI, discussion is going on with mentors about how we can
   display it on screen
   - Will integrate this in MapMint4ME
   - Test integration with different devices

*Is there any blocking issue?*

   - No blocking issue till now

Wiki Page can be found [2]

Aditi Sawant

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