[SoC] Welcome to the pgRouting GSoC 2020 students

Daniel Kastl daniel at georepublic.de
Mon May 4 19:27:27 PDT 2020

The pgRouting project congratulates our selected Google Summer of Code 2020
students, and the pgRouting mentors are looking forward to working with you
this summer.

The selected pgRouting proposals of GSoC 2020 are:

   - "Depth First Search and Sequential Vertex Coloring for pgRouting" by
   Ashish Kumar
   - "Implement Lengauer Tarjan Dominator Tree and Two Graphs Common
   Spanning Trees for pgRouting" by Prakash Tiwari
   - "Implementation of Edge Contraction Technique in pgRouting" by
   Himanshu Raj

This will be a busy summer for you with lots of challenges but at the end
the whole pgRouting community will benefit from your work!
There is no time to lose, so let's get started and chat with us on the
pgRouting Gitter channel.

We also thank the other students who submitted a proposal, but
unfortunately could not be selected this year. It's never too early to plan
for 2021 and get engaged with the community.

Your pgRouting mentors

Georepublic UG & Georepublic Japan
eMail: daniel.kastl at georepublic.de
Web: https://georepublic.info
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