[SriLanka] FOSS4G Asia 2017 conference, Hyderabad, India, 26-29 January 2017

Nimalika Fernando nimalikaf at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 22:47:09 PDT 2016

Dear All,

*FOSS4G Asia 2017 conference is going to be held in Hyderabad, India, 26-29
January 2017*. It will be a gathering of FOSS GIS users, educators and
application developers from Asia as well as strong representation from the
world community.

Find more details from :


The conference aims to provide a forum for wide-ranging discussions on
geospatial themes and topics. Papers are invited in areas covering, but not
limited to, the following:

§  *FOSS4G* Roots, philosophy, open standards, open data, copyrights and

§  *FOSS4G* technology which includes development of new tools,
customization, databases, language localization, coding and improvements to
existing tools

§  *Use of FOSS4G* in applications like Biodiversity conservation, climate
change research, forestry, agriculture, ecological sciences, conservation,
environment, geology, soil sciences, rural and urban   development, water
resources, coastal and marine, disaster management, education and

§  *FOSS4G* that includes desktop, web and mobile GIS, Capacity building,
and societal use like Village/ Societal GIS

There will be workshops on Desktop GIS, Image Processing, WebGIS,
Geo-Databases and integration of GDAL etc.

This would be a great opportunity to  GIS community of Sri Lanka to present
their FOSS GIS related work, learn how  FOSS GIS tools can be used in their
domains and linking with the FOSS GIS community in other countries. The
cost is also affordable as it is in India.

Please consider

- submitting abstracts

- present your ideas

- participating to build community links while learning & updating yourself

 Call for abstracts is open until 25th September 2016


Nimalika Fernando

(Note : FOSS4G Asis 2014 was held in Thailand and a presentation from Sri
Lanka won the best poster award there. http://www.foss4g-asia.org/2014/)
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