[OSGeo-Standards] Re: OpenLayers WMS Context++

Jody Garnett jgarnett at refractions.net
Wed Aug 29 12:09:43 EDT 2007

Darn I was hoping to have a chance to show interop between uDig and 
MapBuilder on this one ...

Reminds me I need to send out a code sprint email - you guys should know 
what you are working on before the code sprint and do as much prep 
before hand as you can...


Lorenzo Becchi wrote:
> Great resume Cameron. thanks
>> * Lorenzo Becchi has an alpha WMC parser in Openlayers [OL]. I'm not 
>> sure when this is likely to make it into the Openlayers trunk. 
> Actually I have quite nothing: it is a system to export a WMC from the 
> WMSManager, but it doesn't allow any import yet.
> I was expecting to wait until the debate on WMC integration on 
> OpenLayers would end, but I think it's somehow hanged...
> I guess (and really hope) that FOSS4G Code Sprint will be the right 
> place to do the big step with OpenLayers reagarding WMC import/export 
> and SLD editing. Otherwise I'll have to start again on my own.
> I'm sure we will face some limits to WMC
> we started up with a page on OL wiki but it's just a first step:
> http://trac.openlayers.org/wiki/Future/MapContext
> as you can see there are no references yet to KML and to needed 
> improvements to WMC (ex: layers visibility).
> If you can help enhancing this page, you are welcome.
> ciao
> Lorenzo
> Cameron Shorter wrote:
>> As part of the OWS 5 testbed a few of us have signed up to add KML 3 
>> support to Mapbuilder, Openlayers and Mapbender.
>> KML3 has not been fully speced out yet, but is rumored to be a 
>> merging of OWS Context and KML2.
>> There has been discussion on the OpenLayers list to do much of the 
>> development in Openlayers and then for Mapbuilder/Mapbender to gain 
>> the functionality by using the OpenLayers engine.
>> On the current WMC and OWS Context front.
>> * Mapbuilder reads both WMC and OWS Context. Exporting Context from 
>> Mapbuilder is a trivial exercise and there is already a save Context 
>> option.
>> * Mapbuilder has supported WMC since the project started, and OWS 
>> Context for a year or 2.
>> * Lorenzo Becchi has an alpha WMC parser in Openlayers. I'm not sure 
>> when this is likely to make it into the Openlayers trunk.
>> Examples:
>> (Mostly created by Mike Adair)
>> http://demo.communitymapbuilder.org/demo/mapbuilder/demo/contextEditor/index.html 
>> http://demo.communitymapbuilder.org/demo/mapbuilder/demo/OWSExplorer/index.html 
>> I'm currently extending these demos to support Catalog search as well.
>> Jody Garnett wrote:
>>> Hi Cameron (and list)
>>> I understand Cameron that you are adding WMS Context (and a few 
>>> vendor specific extensions?) to OpenLayer based on some MapBuilder 
>>> code. Do you have documentation on what you are up to? Or a sample 
>>> schema and file? I would love to refresh the uDig context document 
>>> support and be able to swap scenes with MapBuilder.
>>> I assumed you guys looked at OWS Context as well?
>>> Jody

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