[OSGeo-Standards] OGC Meeting in Stresa, Italy and some additional infos

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Allan -

Perhaps your statement regarding domain and standards is a bit misleading. I 
have attached the overall agenda for the meetings in Stresa next week. You 
will notice that all the Domain Working Groups have numerous technical 
presentations - all of which are OGC standards related in one form or 
another: lessons learned, results of experiments, test bed results, 
suggested extensions, demonstrations, architecture considerations and so 
forth. The SWGs work on the actual standards document. All draft standards 
are publicly posted as part of the public comment period. The versions 
posted for public comment are the baseline for work in the SWGs. Anyone in 
the FOSS community can access these publicly available drafts as well submit 

As to the TC Plenaries, since there are no longer adoption votes done in the 
plenaries, there is no problem with attending the opening and closing 



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> On Dec 6, 2007, at 15:00 , Raj Singh wrote:
>> This Fall OGC's intellectual property policies changed. Previously, 
>> walking into a TC meeting meant agreeing to blanket intellectual 
>> property terms for everything discussed in any room. We now have a  more 
>> fine-grained opt-in policy enabled by having two distinct types  of 
>> working groups -- domain WGs and standards WGs. Domain WGs  discuss 
>> market requirements but don't write standards docs. I  believe the only 
>> time people need to sign anything regarding  intellectual property is 
>> when entering a standards WG.
> So is there an NDA covering the NDA? :)
> And does the TC plenary count as "standards" or "domain"?
> These are things that could make a big difference for the FOSS crowd. 
> And, wouldn't the FOSS crowd be more interested in standards than 
> domains?
> Maybe it's time for Creative Commons to make some "Meeting Disclosure" 
> licenses.
> Allan
>> There's probably still an expectation that some things aren't  discussed 
>> as OGC "policy" if it's just something mentioned in a  meeting -- kind of 
>> like the disclaimer about "forward-looking  statements" you see in 
>> financial documents 
>> <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forward-looking_statement
>> >.
>> ---
>> Raj
>> On Dec 6, 2007, at 10:34 AM, Jo Walsh wrote:
>>> On Thu, Dec 06, 2007 at 10:03:53AM -0500, Allan Doyle wrote:
>>>> It might be worth inquiring what form of non-disclosure agreement/
>>>> intellectual property form the individual members will have to  fill 
>>>> out.
>>> I'll be interested in this too. My aims in turning up to this thing
>>> are to lurk and learn, gegt a feel for what is going on and how it is
>>> stacking up with other standards creation efforts in Europe, in
>>> particular. When i get the chance to attend these sorts of things
>>> (UNSDI, the EC-GIS workshops, etc) I do a short writeup for the
>>> benefit of the OSGeo list / the blogosphere. So I have been wondering
>>> what kind of restraints on reporting there will be for the OGC TC
>>> meet, and will find out at the time. I suppose signing an NDA could  be
>>> seen as a "victimless crime", but perhaps what i get to report back,
>>> will be confined to the "corridor track" ;)
>>> cheers,
>>> jo
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