[OSGeo-Standards] OGC Meeting in Stresa - any news?

Jody Garnett jgarnett at refractions.net
Tue Dec 11 02:08:50 EST 2007

So any updates guys? So far all I have got back is a little bit of news 
from Martin; and a request for people on a GeoAPI working group.

> Hi Standards,
> next week the OGC will meet in Stresa, Italy. I know that Jeroen and 
> Jo are coming, I will be there too. Anybody else coming?
> At the FOSS4G BoF in Victoria Raj presented a new membership type 
> "individual independet developer" and announced that OGC will kindly 
> provide for 10 slots to be used by OGSeo members. As the BoF was not 
> well attended and I never got around tio writing this email followed 
> up we did not make use of this possibility yet. Jo will be the first 
> to opt in to the OGC meeting through this mechanism and I can imagine 
> that over time others will want to join in. I have prepared some 
> information wrt the OGC membership slots in the Wiki. 
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Standards
> If you are interested please read through that page, check whether 
> conditions apply to you and contact me through this list or directly 
> to work out the details.
> To get a better overview I have created a Category:Standards page, 
> please use it to tag relevant pages.
> We might want to create a committee some day to organize the formal 
> communication with the OGC as an organization. The current low level 
> of interest by OSGeo members does not justify this effort yet but 
> maybe some day it will. In the meantime if you need anything from, for 
> or against OGC feel free to contact me. (Jeroen Ticheler,  Jo (zool) 
> Walsh and Michael Gerlek might also be happy to talk to you but I did 
> not ask them yet). I currently act as Planning Committee 
> representative of the WhereGroup, member of the Architecture Board, in 
> the Security WorkGroup and will give an intro to RESTful design in the 
> Technical Sub Committee REST next week. No wonder that I don't get 
> anything else done anymore...
> Chris Schmidt asked for the OGC Tiled WMS discussion paper on IRC 
> yesterday. For some technical / procedural reasons it is not yet 
> available publicly yet (ask Carl for details) but it sits on my box 
> here and I am authorized to give it to interested parties.
> Best regards, Arnulf. _______________________________________________
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