[OSGeo-Standards] OSGeo representation at OGC

Arnulf Christl (OSGeo) arnulf.christl at wheregroup.com
Wed Sep 5 11:51:57 EDT 2007

Michael P. Gerlek wrote:
> My fault for not synching up w/ Arnulf as quickly as I'd intended...
> - I don't know for sure that Arnulf knows I had reserved a room, but the
> BOF slot would be as good a time as any.
> - I started this ball rolling because I've been approached on the
> subject more than a couple times, and it's an area that might affect my
> day job as well in 2008.  Since Arnulf has more Authority (on both
> sides) than I, I'll happily defer as appropriate.
> -mpg

please go ahead coordinating. I will be both in Boulder and FOSS4G all the time and we can do whatever we are up to then. If more precise planning is necessary for other participants we should set up a Wiki page for people to sign up (if it is there already please add a link). 

Best regards, 

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>> Are you talking about the OGC BOF Mike Gerlek is organizing or is  
>> this something else?
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>> Raj
>> On Sep 3, 2007, at 2:42 PM, Arnulf Christl (OSGeo) wrote:
>>> I have also talked with Mark Reichardt and we plan to meet in  
>>> Boulder to discuss OGC and OSGeo involvement. We talked ourselves  
>>> into also meeting in Victoria given that OGC staff is present  
>>> (which i very much hope, most of them are they are nice  
>>> individuals). If you are interested in joining us please let me  
>>> know (and bring your OSGeo membership card, else there is no  
>>> admittance). It will take place in a closed room, no microphones,  
>>> no IRC, no cell phones, signed NADs and I will likely sell 
>> my OSGeo  
>>> shares to some Big Web Service Corporation. But this is off topic.  
>>> Oh, while i am at it: vote for me if you are a multi million OGC  
>>> member, i currently apply for a round on the OAB (Open 
>> Architecture  
>>> Board) because i am thoroughly bored and want to make sure that i  
>>> really don't get anything done well.
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