[OSGeo-Standards] WMS-C and Capabilities

Andrea Aime aaime at opengeo.org
Tue Aug 26 04:36:37 EDT 2008

Jody Garnett ha scritto:
> Just a quick confirmation; the WMS-C page here:
> - http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/WMS_Tiling_Client_Recommendation
> Has confused a couple implementations; my understanding is this 
> specification talks about adding to the VendorSpecificCapabilities of an 
> existing WMS server a section describing the available TileSets.
> Can we change the "Example VendorSpecificCapabilities" to make it really 
> obvious what is expected...right now I have servers returning:
> http://sigma.openplans.org/geowebcache/service/wms?request=getcapabilities
>> <WMT_MS_Capabilities version="1.1.1" updateSequence="0">
>>    <VendorSpecificCapabilities>
>>      <TileSet><SRS>EPSG:4326</SRS><BoundingBox srs="EPSG:4326" 
>> minx="-180.0" miny="-90.0" maxx="180.0" maxy="90.0" />
>>         ....
>>      </TileSet>
>>    </VendorSpecificCapabilities>
>> </WMT_MS_Capabilities>
> Which is not enough information for clients (ie uDig) to fetch Titles 
> and Layer information. WMS-C is not a standalone server; it is an 
> additional ability added to an existing WMS server.

Hum, reality seems to think otherwise, both TileCache and GWC are
born as standalone servers, they cannot serve non tiled requests.
GWC can be embedded in GeoServer as a convenience, but it does not
act as an extension to WMS.


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