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Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 07:22:27 EDT 2008

Christopher Schmidt wrote:
> The paper isn't published; no one who isn't an OGC member can get access
> to it.
> As usual, the OGC is going about creating standards in a vaccuum, hiding
> drafts from potential implementors. 
> (TileCache has had WMTS support for 9 months now, but only because I got
> an illegal copy of the document from someone who does have OGC access.
> I've been waiting for the document to be published ever since so I could
> comment on it, since there are a number of supremely flawed design
> decisions, imho.) 
> Regards,
 From memory, the OGC has granted OSGeo a number of "user" accounts, so 
that Open Source developers can attend OGC meetings and get access to specs.
1. Chris, your contributions toward tile cache clearly highlight you a 
worthy recipient of one of these accounts if you want it.
2. Raj, are you the person responsible for handing out these accounts?

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