[OSGeo-Standards] Re: [WMS.RWG] Let's talk about OSGEO tiled solutions and try to integrate them in WMS and WMTS documents.

Rushforth, Peter prushfor at NRCan.gc.ca
Fri Feb 22 10:45:56 EST 2008

Hi Arnulf,

> > The REST approach of the OSGeo proposal, however elegant, is 
> > incompatible with much of the OGC way of doing things.
> Step back, reword, take the outside perspective: 
> "The approach of the OGC proposal, however streamlined to OGC 
> ways of doing things, is incompatible with much of the REST 
> of the world."

Edison's and Tesla's approaches to electricity distribution
were incompatible, too.  They had different characteristics,
and were both valuable for different reasons.  One prevailed,
which has led to a long period of stability (at least from
the consumer perspective), and innovation, in electricity-consuming
devices.  The same may be turn out true for geography-consuming 

> > between services so that they can be smoothly integrated and so that
> > single core set of libraries can be utilized in the implementation
> > several services (rather than having a completely separate and 
> > redundant code base for each service).
> This is a narrow approach in that it suggests that all 
> libraries should be good for all OGC specs. I do not think 
> so, this is the danger of standards preventing innovation. 

Innovation and evolution could still happen inside the consuming device.


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