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Bruce and others -

Being able to search the web for KML files is a good thing. However, this capability is only one piece of the solution to solving the discovery issues related to broader and more effective use of geospatial content on the geoweb. 

In addition to the issues that you and others have identified, I also have a concern that there are multiple spatial indexing activities by individuals, companies, and even by standards organizations that are totally disjoint and not coordinated in any manner. Not the best way to solve the web spatial indexing and searching problem! I would also add that many of the suggested approaches do not provide consistent guidance on how to store, maintain, or even search "rich" geospatial metadata. Nor is imagery or sensor metadata really addressed. 

Perhaps the role of the OGC is to provide the consensus environment to truly discuss and address this topic.



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  I think that this is only a simplistic part of the 'search' debate. 

  It will certainly not replace the need for quality spatial metadata or metadata catalogues. 

  When you look at the potential shown by OGC's OWS-5 work, I suspect that the need for quality and definitive catalogues / registries will increase (dramatically). 

  For further comments, see my response to Adena's post at: 


  Bruce Bannerman

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  OSGeo Standards,
  From the Australian/New Zealand discussions about developing Geonetwork 
  comes this announcement:

  shoaib wrote:
  > On the topic of Web2.0 at Where2.0 conference last week, ESRI and
  > Google made a joint announcement stating a partnership to start
  > indexing spatial data and spatial web services on Google search
  > technology. The implications of this are huge from the perspective of
  > the industry as a whole. This opened a lot of questions about the
  > place of OGC Catalogue Services.
  Does anyone know if ESRI/Google will be using Standards to achieve their 
  Ie, can Open Source packages like Geonetwork plug into this new work?
  Should we  be worrying about vendor lock out?

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