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Old docs are useful, but to make compliant software you need most
current spec/standard...


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Arnold, even if the "I" in ISO does not stand for "isOpen" ... ISO too
published schemas available for free: 

And somewhere on web you also find available old draft (*)
(DTS stands for "Draft Techcnical Specification)


2009/11/23 Arnulf Christl <arnulf.christl at wheregroup.com>

	Scott Schwab wrote:

		The corporation I work for has had a few contracts with
the US government, and over the last couple of years these customers
have been asking for ISO19115/19139 metadata, replacing the request for
FGDC.  The code to generate the ISO 19139 documents is more complicated
and the generated output is much more verbose, compared to FGDC.  The
ISO output is large enough that you really need a tool like CatMDEdit to
qc the output.
		I have wondered if the customers are just saying they
want the ISO 19115 format, not because of a need but just because an
international standard sounds better in contract negotiations,
		And just for a bit of clarification, the ISO 19115 is an
international standard (140 pages), but it does not specify what the XML
tags should really look like.  To produce XML, you need the ISO 19139
technical specification (112 pages). To my knowledge neither document is

	Remember that the "O" in OGC stands for Open[1]. Whatever ISO
standard is part of an OGC standard means that relevant information is
available royalty free on OGC websites (as it is stated in the OGC
bylaws). For example here: http://schemas.opengis.net/iso/19139/
	This is one of reasons that they put up with the oftentimes
onerous task of running specs through TC 211. Thanks OGC folks.
	[1] which are remnants of the Open Source background of OGC
which they take very serious. 

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Piergiorgio Cipriano

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