[OSGeo-Standards] W3C Standardization and Opensource for WWW Mapping

Satoru Takagi sa-takagi at kddi.com
Mon Dec 26 21:50:12 EST 2011

Hi folks,

We are working on the standardization of the mapping function for the Web 
browser of the HTML5 generation.

We suggested the W3C standardization to realize it in this summer.
That specification is named "Tiling and Layering Module for SVG".

And we published open source implementation of that today.
This implementation is based on WebKit.


Satoru Takagi

<201009021220.DDF02180.LtBTBBJHU at kddi.com> の、
   "Demonstrations of SVG Map are prepared" において、
   "Satoru Takagi <sa-takagi at kddi.com>"さんは書きました:

> Hi folks,
> I prepared a demonstration site to emulate specifications of 
> SVG Map by using AJAX and modern browsers, because the SVG 
> processing function of Web browser got better.
> http://www.gissoken.org/svg/maps/tech_kddi/
> SVG Map is open and simple Web map platform by SVG.
> I think that it has the architecture considerably different from 
> other Web Map systems, platforms, specifications. And I think that
> different knowledge for the solution of the problem that geo web has
> is included in there.
> Therefore I prepared it because I wanted you to interest in the SVG Map.
> It has a concept to realize the functions of the basis 
> of the map services only by SVG document data with hyperlink 
> and web browser. 
> The dynamic servers are not necessary (or optional). And data formats except
> SVG are unnecessary, too.
> It also may be called the Tiling and Layering module for SVG.
> SVG Map has been examined in Japanese SVG Interest Group of W3C.
> In addition, I prepared for the following demonstrations as the 
> thing which geo community might be interested.
> Cooperation with WMS (Demo 4 of above demonstration site)
> Cooperation with open street map server (Demo 6)
> Of course these are realized by static SVG document files.
> It will suggest an architecture to process tiled map servers 
> having various different methods uniformly and simply by Linked Data 
> which is the basis of Web1.0.
> And, I also prepared software which convert into SVG Map data from 
> shapefile and the specifications of SVG Map.
> # External links are described in above demonstration site.
> Note:
> A Javascript cord which this demonstration uses, and the converter are 
> open sources.
> Regards,
> Satoru

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