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Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Jun 8 11:10:26 EDT 2011

On 11-06-07 02:44 PM, Paul Ramsey wrote:
> Hi Board,
> Is there a place in our OGC MOU for OSGeo projects to get certified
> and advertise their certification status without annual fees as OSGeo
> projects?


The MOU says this in section 4 of Exhibit A.

4. OSGeo will collaborate with OGC to identify open source technologies that 
can be used as reference implementations for and to validate compliance tests 
developed for OGC adopted standards. For those reference implementations 
developed by OSGeo members that: 1) pass OGC Compliance test procedures, and 2) 
are selected for use by OGC as a reference implementation (or are among the two 
additional tests used by OGC to validate the Compliance test for public use), 
the OGC will waive the Trademark License fee associated with Compliance 
certification. This fee is typically paid by the developer on an annual basis. 
This waiver will remain in effect for that version of software.

I'm slightly vague what qualifies as a reference implementation or for
how many versions this will apply but the short answer is that yes there
are opportunities to get OSGeo project software certified at no costs if
OGC considers it a reference or additional demonstration version used to
support a specification.

I have taken the liberty of cc:ing Raj to see if he thinks that this clause
might be applicable to PostGIS.  I have also taken the liberty of cc:ing this
to the OSGeo Standards list which might be the best place to pursue this

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