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Peter Baumann p.baumann at jacobs-university.de
Sun Jul 7 06:15:10 PDT 2013

Re formats:
when we write specs referencing formats (rarely done anyway, for good reasons) 
we do not repeat)the format specs. We rather set referencesto the definition 
that is "somewhere out there", such as TIFF. A notable exception is NetCDF which 
was brought into OGC's curation by the NetCDF proponents, and GeoSciML. In both 
cases, the original maintainers have become OGC members where they continue 
doing so, just embedded into OGC infrastructure now.

What we do in the coverage field, though, is describing how coverage 
constituents map to the particular format elements (eg, coverage bounding box 
coordinates -> GeoTIFF tags). This is under way for GeoTIFF, NetCDF, JPEG2000 
(meaning drafts are existing, and in part in the pipeline for adoption).


On 07/06/2013 04:15 PM, Adrian Custer wrote:
> Hey,
> On 7/6/13 2:03 AM, Ravi Kumar wrote:
>> Please give info/link regarding
>> 1. The software that are bundled in the OSGeo Live DVD do they all have OGC 
>> complaince.
>> This is a query we come across and wish to prepare for the same.  LiveDVD 
>> bundles many FOSS GIS software which are not actually OSGeo mentored projects.
>> 2. Is a Shape file OGC compliant (some times also known as ESRI Shape file)
> No, the OGC has not standardized the 'Shapefile' format. ESRI has a pretty 
> good document of the spatial part, the database part has many different 
> standardization documents all alike, the spatial referencing files have a 
> pretty good convention, and the mix of other files like the spatial indexes 
> have little consistency and no documentation.
> In other words, this is a *perfect* candidate for standardization at the OGC. 
> I now have a pretty good idea how that standardization could be done. However, 
> that work would benefit from ESRI support yet, due to recent events at the 
> OGC, now is not a great time to embark on this project. If it does happen, 
> there will be some decisions to be made and it would be good to get input on 
> those from the various free software projects that have implemented the file 
> format.
>>      Is there a list of File Formats and OGC compliance ?
> If your question is 'what file formats have been standardized at the OGC?' 
> then I don't know of any list. Probably, you are meaning spatial data formats 
> such as GML (vector) and netCDF (grid). Then there are formats for data 
> observations/measurements. There are also a number of non-spatial data formats 
> like GeoXACML defining access control constraints. So, it depends what kind of 
> data you care about.
> The list of standards is on the OGC website:
>   http://www.opengeospatial.org/standards/is
> and you can go through it in relation to your own needs.
> ~adrian
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