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Allan -

I respectfully disagree with your comment regarding the authors not wanting to bring GeoRSS into the OGC. I know that Raj, myself and other original authors would support bringing GeoRSS into the OGC as is. 

The idea that the OGC process would significantly change something like GeoRSS is untrue. A good recent example is Open GeoSMS. That candidate standard was developed externally and submitted into the OGC. The normative content was not changed at all other than making one tag consistent with some IETF RFCs (HELD, LoST, etc). We also separated the normative text from the informative examples (primer) which made the standard very short and easier to understand. Additional "eyes" on a document does not necessarily mean any normative change but does mean improvement to the document (grammar, wording, clarity, etc).



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On 08.07.2013 14:14, Rushforth, Peter wrote:
> Hi Allan,
>> The counter-example is actually GeoTIFF, which was proposed 
>> as an OGC format a long, long time ago, by the original 
>> authors of the spec. At the time, it was rejected 
>> specifically because the TC felt that OGC should not be 
>> standardizing file specs, but rather should be standardizing 
>> interfaces.
> Ironic, because the strength of the Web is based on 'file' specs.  The
> geo community needs to think less about interfaces and more about
> how to communicate state through "files".
> Cheers,
> Peter

so true, I couldn't agree more. Why is it that there is a perception
that the OGC should not work on data formats but only interfaces? Is
this still the case? With GML and KML there are two strong existing data
standards. GeoPackage is not exactly "just" a media format but ships
with code - an ideal package so to say, and by any means not just an
interface standard.

GeoRSS and GeoJSON would not be hard to go forward with but for some
reason it never happened.


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