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lets not get carried away. The decision esri took depended on many
factors and I have a hard time mapping it directly and exclusively to
the engagement of open sauce (fudzilla original) developers.

Don't get me wrong, I think the initiative by OSGeo showed that we are
functioning nicely and that we have our act together (I say we
although I did not sign the submitted paper). But to say that esri
took the decision to withdraw the standard proposal because of Open
Source is simply not justified.

There was a long debate and discussions and even some dialog on all
levels inside and outside of the OGC by many members and externals for
two years! It was a good discussion and everybody involved learned a
lot. The OGC showed its willingness to change and open their processes
to better fit the way things evolve these days. This is ongoing.

Yes, there was also input from OSGeo but in my opinion pretty late in
the game. We (at least on this list) have known of this effort by esri
since June 2011 two years ago:
(thanks to Bart)
We were reminded several times, for example in July 2012 by Volker:
...plus there were several posts from the OGC in their regular
channels for those who care.

Has the standard been removed for technical reasons? I think not. It
was because of a backlash of the broader geospatial developer (or
rather business?) community (Nota Bene: not only us Open Source
heroes). And the reasons were fear of the market leader taking over.
Taking over what exactly?

I am still not convinced that the result of this standard would have
been detrimental to Open Source. How that? There is a good chance that
it would have opened up all current esri clients for Open Source code
because the proposed standard goes right into the underwear of esri's
ArcGIS. Having the specification in the OGC would have guaranteed that
it would not be dropped or changed in a proprietary whim. Every single
esri client would have had the chance to get some Open Source pieces
into their game, be it on the client or the server side. Then learn
that it is more stable, evolves quicker and can replace the other esri
stuff over time. Simple as that.

Chance passed, but no problem, we'll get another one.

For those unsure whether I turned bad: Nope, I didn't. I still don't
get paid by esri and I still know (not believe) that Open Source is
the better way forward and it is all happening already anyway. But
when it comes to politics and strategy we must acknowledge that things
are not black and white but come in all colors (no, not shades of gray

Have fun,

On 04.06.2013 22:41, Cameron Shorter wrote:
> The "Geoservices REST API" story has been picked up by ITNews,
> Slashdot, and Fudzilla, and is being discussed by their communities
> in the comments.
> http://www.itnews.com.au/News/345493,open-source-crusade-blocks-geospatial-standard.aspx/0
> http://tech.slashdot.org/story/13/06/03/2229245/gis-community-blocks-esris-geospatial-open-standard-rest-api
> http://fudzilla.com/home/item/31581-open-sources-revolt-against-standard
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