[OSGeo-Standards] [OSGeo-Discuss] "Geoservices REST API" story is being discussed on slashdot

Baumann, Peter p.baumann at jacobs-university.de
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I tend to disagree.
The ESRI specification is technologically lagging behind about 10 years.
Imposing it on the open standards community would have been a major step back.


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I do not really understand why this sling came from OSGeo. Indeed, OSGeo includes many talents who have expressed their arguments. But among these good arguments, came to add a political position with the main argument, the ESRI dominant position against other industrial players. I wondered if some members have not expressed through OSGeo to defend their own business, or as we saw later to take more power to the OGC.

If MapServer and GeoServer implement the GeoRest Services (with possibly a GeoJSON output too), many companies would have benefited. Today MapServer and GeoServer implements their own REST API and OSM already has already one. The OGC stays with their own Web Services specification  not really used  (unless  WMS) , difficult to understand and with implementations not always complete. Finally, I am afraid that everyone loses, the OGC who are losing influence, an increase of protocols, a decrease of system interoperability.

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