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On 05.06.2013 18:44, Rushforth, Peter wrote:

True - plus that to me it appears that any kind of REST "standard"
will have to differ widely from how we have defined standards in the
OGC so far. In my experience it helps to take a few steps back and
look at the broader picture. If we look at REST from an "architecture
perspective" and call this a resource oriented paradigm then the
interfaces become irrelevant because they are already defined at a
very low level (http).

All the attention focuses on the representations (data formats) and
the resources (data stores?). And surprisingly metadata suddenly
becomes core and central to anything we do. Not the dusty old ISO
metadata but real alive metadata that helps navigate the world...

Well, this just in a nutshell. The OGC REST Policy group has been
really active over the past years - not sure how much of this
permeates to the standards list of OSGeo. Maybe it would help to get
more interaction on this end too. But we still have relatively high
formal barriers caused by the way the two communities operate and I am
still at a loss how to better bridge them.

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