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Bruce Bannerman B.Bannerman at bom.gov.au
Mon Aug 18 16:41:44 PDT 2014


I noticed this query recently on one of the OGC lists.

This is also of direct interest to my organisation as well.

Is anyone aware of any FOSS4G projects that have implemented, or are
planning to implement the WCS 2 related standards?

If implemented, I suggest that it is registered with OGC [1].


Bruce Bannerman | Manager, Geospatial Information and Access
Bureau of Meteorology

[1] http://www.opengeospatial.org/resource/products/registration

On 14/08/2014 23:41, "David.G.Wesloh at nga.mil" <David.G.Wesloh at nga.mil>

>Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
>	NGA is currently attempting to determine the implementation maturity of
>the Web Coverage Service 2.0 extensions.  Having reviewed the OGC web
>site implementations page I see the following:
>OGC WCS Interface Standard - Range Subsetting Extension, version 1.0.0
>request and obtain a coverage with the original domain set but a reduced
>(extracted) range set
>	IBL Software Engineering Visual Weather 3.6
>OGC WCS Interface Standard - Scaling Extension, version 1.0.0 provides
>for the scaling of grid coverages along one or more of its axes during a
>GetCoverage retrieval
>Implementations: NONE
>OGC WCS Interface Standard - CRS Extension, version 1.0.0 defines
>retrieval of coverages offered by a WCS server in CRSs other than the CRS
>in which the coverage is originally provided by the server addressed
>	IBL Software Engineering Visual Weather 3.6
>OGC WCS Interface Standard - Interpolation Extension, version 1.0.0
>defines how a client can control interpolation performed by a server
>during GetCoverage interpolation
>Implementations: NONE
>OGC WCS Interface Standard - Processing Extension, version 2.0.0 allows
>clients to initiate server-side processing and filtering of coverages and
>to download the resulting coverage or value sets based on the query
>language defined in the Web Coverage Processing Service
>Implementations: NONE
>OGC WCS - Transaction operation extension, version 1.1.4 allows clients
>to add, modify, and delete grid coverages that are available from a WCS
>	NETCAD YAZILIM A.S. Netgis Server 5.0.0
>	Rasdaman rasdaman 8.1
>	rasdaman GmbH rasdaman 9.0
>OGC WCS Earth Observation Application Profile (EO-WCS) - defines data
>structures and operations which together allow retrieval of Earth
>Observation coverages offered by a WCS 2.0 server.
>Implementations: NONE
>OGC GML Application Schema - Coverages - GeoTIFF Coverage Encoding
>Profile -specifies an encoding of coverages in the GeoTIFF data exchange
>Implementations: NONE
>If you have an implementation of any of these extensions I would first
>encourage you to add that information to the OGC web site but secondly I
>would welcome an email from you indicating your implementation.  I'm
>trying to determine whether these standard extensions are ready for
>inclusion in the U.S. DoD IT Standards Registry.  Thank you.
>Dave Wesloh
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