[OSGeo-Standards] OSGeo 2.0 = QO_SGeo with flagship Orientation 2.0

Munich Orientation Convention volksnav at volksnav.de
Mon Aug 3 00:46:11 PDT 2015



Hi Michael,


if you have a problem, think big.


Basing on the invention Orientation 2.0, I'd like to propose to launch the
Quite Open OSGeo as a standardization board respectively monopolist
www.volksnav.de/monopole/monopolist.pdf which - similar to ISO, DENIC etc. -
grants licenses to commercial users. The 6 billion private users would be
considered as bagatelle.


With this strategy, this intellectual property can generate US$ 50 billion
within 10 years, so there would be no more need for voluntary activities.  


This orientation standard could be used: 


-          as a global metrical alternative to lat/lon www.watchrose.com 

-          to address towns, crossings, mines, islands, volcanos etc. in
small countries like Burundi www.volksnav.de/Burundi or Cuba

-          to address touristic attractions, see www.ManausOnline.com click
Turismo / Pontos Turisticos  

-          by the blind to find the right station www.volksnav.de/TokyoMetro
www.volksnav.de/blindInTokyo and the right entrance/exit

-          to unify Twin Cities        www.volksnav.de/NiagaraFalls

-          to address objects within a room (premium exhibitions), 

-          to address buildings within a property. During the 9/11
catastrophe, additional panic arose because the rescuers didn't know which
one was the tower 1 or 2.

-          to address points on a screen, picture etc. In this case r100
isn't round and means 100%

-          to minimize right/left and east/west ( Ost/West ) ( leste/oeste )
confusions. The Costa Concordia accident happened because a right/left
confusion during 8 seconds. The captain gave instructions in Italian
language (destra/sinistra), the steersman was Indonesian.  

-          to eliminate a fundamental weak point on signage and electronics

-          for evacuation etc. through loudspeakers, megaphones or mobile
phones (Orientation Esperanto) 

-          by children to seek eastern eggs or find the right emergency
exit. I've tested this with street children and hidden coins on Copacabana
beach sand. Most of them can read a clock and all they know that radius 15
is more outwards than r10. Umbilicus Urbis (navel of the world) was during
1.000 years the mileage of the roads of the Roman Empire. This is nothing
but a radius. 

-          to make smarter and sharpen the orientation sense


etc. etc. I'm proposing this monopole to big companies (youtube: Google's
next quantum jump?) to $ 15 mi but they prefer to wait a little and pay $
500 mi ( to QOSGeo end of the year? ).


There is nothing to invest, only to decide how to share the incomes. I'm
sure, a lot of secondary inventions will arise.  


Is there anyone who also can think big?



First they ignore you,

then they laugh at you,

then they fight you,

then you win. 

(Mahatma Gandhi)


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