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Hi Steven,



until now it is „my“ system and the proposal is to be OGC’s starting with r100 www.volksnav.de/r100, so the consumer would have one more option. At the moment the promoters of squared systems are impeding an objective discussion but I’m sure the best system will overcome such resistance.






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Your opening words encapsulate a problem for me (at least) “my system” - this is an open source community. 




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Hi Jonathan,


my system isn’t easy to understand if you try to understand all 25 benefits at once. 

Let’s describe only the location code benefit: the codes consist on hours, minutes and radius, nothing else. It was made for children, so please try to think like a child.


Instead of molesting your customers with an address like:      


Howbery Park, Wallingford Oxfordshire, OX10 8BA,


you could indicate this:   <http://www.volksnav.de/HRwallingford> www.volksnav.de/HRwallingford


193 blocks of houses from Oxford Carfax tower in direction m4, 

respectively 93 blocks later than m4.


The width of a sector is radius/2 (!), so you’re close to the sector m5.


Besides: VolksNav is something like the military ro-theta navigation.




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