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Hi all,


for those who are still thinking how to introduce the free tool r100
<http://www.volksnav.de/r100> www.volksnav.de/r100, here an example:


Nezahualcoyotl is a surburb of Mexico City. Acc. to www.neza.gov.mx, the
City Hall of Neza has the following address:


Av. Chimalhuacán S/N                              (no number)

between Faisán and Caballo Bayo
Col. Benito Juárez, Nezahualcóyotl.
Estado de México. C.P. 57000 


The av. Chimalhuacán has a length of  8.25 kilometers! While experts care
about post codes (?) and location codes, nobody cares about better house


r100 can be the start of the reform of post codes AND house numbers. A
marginal crossing in Neza would have the following crossing code:


-          MexCity m3 r100   


(100x100 meters from the urban pole to sunrise)


The house number         MexCity m3 r100 r23 

has a precision of 2 meters and means: 

23 meters from this crossing to outside, 

“later” side of the street (odd number like the number 1) 


The house number         MexCity m3 r100 :18 


18 meters from this crossing to “later” (clockwise), 

“earlier” side of the street (even number).  


See www.volksnav.de/Neza 


So if OSM maps would include crossing codes or r100, there would be no more
need to include house numbers.

Who will leave GroupThinking and make the start? 







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