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- OSGeo board and members / Suchith Anand

- State of the Map Latam 2016,                                         Sao

- Foss4g Asia / Geospatial World Forum,             Hyderabad



Copy: Surveyor General of India



r100 as State of the Map 2016




Hello Suchith, dear new board, dear all,


now I can answer the question about "doubtless open systems". 


I grew up in Sao Paulo and there I had a dream: an orientation standard.
Many years after, I've submitted the following open data on occasion of the
SOTM Latam 2016:




This could be the trace of a drone flight, exactly 10 km around the urban
pole. Such coordinates are more or less easy to reproduce, so nobody would
come to the idea to claim intellectual property for such a virtual flight.
This standard circle would be helpful mainly for those who can't read maps
but can read a clock, see www.volksnav.de/r100SaoPaulo. Imaginary tools
aren't patentable, so let's declare  circles + imaginary clocks + knowledge
as doubtless free and open and as Open Knowledge.


At the other side, I expect EUR 1,- for the rights to use each the
intellectual upgrades of the logo www.volksnav.de/SofMSPlogo and the venue
map www.volksnav.de/StateOfTheMapSP. Remark: no information got lost.  


I'll liberate the next months the same for about one thousand relevant
"clocks" including Umbilicus Urbis, Himalaya, Twin Cities, Niagara Falls,
south pole www.volksnav.de/Antarctica/Antarktica.kml etc. 


For Hyderabad events, this would look like this:



Umap              http://umap.openstreetmap.fr/de/map/hyderabad_r100_107313

knowledge                      www.volksnav.de/r100Hyderabad

Logo upgrades                 <http://www.volksnav.de/Foss4gAsiaLogo>
<http://www.volksnav.de/GeospatialLogo> www.volksnav.de/GeospatialLogo

Venue map, building numbers, room numbers

Compare both urban codes and discover the distance between both events: 40
minutes = 4 km.  Compare this with Corbusier's doubtless open but limited
system in Chandigarh. The Open Hand could be the urban pole there


I'd be more than glad if the new board of OSGeo etc. would support this
evolution www.volksnav.de/evolution. I'm thinking about a layer where OSGeo
etc. would let the consumers decide if they use such tools or not. I'm
absolutely sure, many secondary ideas or even killer applications will


Thank you in advance





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