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Hi Suchid, 


thank you for your first support, Also OGC, ICA etc. have difficulties to
understand the magnitude of my invention: it's a simple idea but it opened
more than 25 different applications, most of them have nothing to do with
maps or software. The reason of this abundance is simple: the actual system
has fundamental weak points www.volksnav.de/fundamental, that means, the
emperor is naked. I'm sure, the number of applications will increase when
students all over the world - other than today - will be motivated to be


The poster www.volksnav.de/evolution shows the actual "open" situation: the
geoAwareness for locations, directions, distances and angles degenerated to
left/right commands and left/right confusions. OSGeo could easily be the
link to the new homo sapiens.   


According to my experience, in this special case "free and open" will have a
complete other meaning as wanted against vendors: it will be understood that
anyone can anytime define a "better" standard. A cartographer from the
Nederland divides the horizon into 10 directions and call this more
"natural" than mine because "we have 10 fingers". Do you agree with this
argument? Are you the opinion that an orientation standard should be free to
be violated?


Let's compare my invention with the UN open GIS logo contest: why would UN
pay for a logo? Why don't UN declare also the winner logo as free and open?
Very simple: 

1         a good and not a cost free logo is the priority

2         money is a proven motivation for creativity

3         intellectual work is respected and honored

4         misuse can be combated . 


So I take the liberty to express the actual situation with my own words:

"Education and GeoAwareness are important but if the inventor tries to
impede a chaos, then they aren't important"

"We want to help the visually impaired but if the inventor tries to impede a
chaos then we don't want to help them"  


Because of the magnitude of the invention, it's a mission impossible to
define EXACTLY my aims. I've suggested to think about a start with a
standardization of the circle "r100" www.volksnav.de/r100 but your free/open
police department impedes any dialog about benefits for the population. r100
is only 0,005% of the invention, should also be a standard for TACTILE and
imaginary maps www.volksnav.de/iphoneApps and would be my basic proposal for
the Geographic Awareness Week. 


Let's propose it together or have I to do it alone?




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