[OSGeo-Standards] OGC vote on LAS 1.4 as a community standard

Bruce Bannerman bruce.bannerman.osgeo at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 14:25:42 PST 2017


I recall a number of emails over recent years over concerns regarding LIDAR data formats.

I also saw the OGC TC vote that is currently open (see below).

Have the issues that OSGeo members expressed a concern with been resolved with this version of the proposed spec?


This ballot is for recommendation to approve a new Community standard work item for LAS 1.4.

Abstract:  LAS is a specification for a point cloud file format.  It is primarily used for transmitting laser point cloud data (LiDAR) but can be used for any general 2D or 3D point oriented encoding. The LAS specification is a relatively compact binary encoding of point location and point attribute data.  Rather than store attributes in referenced records, the light-weight attribute data of LAS is stored in the same record as the point data. LAS is widely implemented across the entire LiDAR community.

The LAS 1.4 Community standard justification document [16-139] can be downloaded from:

Therefore, the Technical Committee Chair has initiated a vote to recommend approval of a new Community standard work item for LAS 1.4.

This is a 45 day electronic vote. The vote will end on 2 February 2017.

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