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Arnulf Christl (aka Seven) seven at arnulf.us
Fri Oct 6 02:28:22 PDT 2017

Oh no, no worries at all! I am sorry if it looks like this is a reaction 
to your request. Nothing further off. I am honored to be able to help 
give you the opportunity to use the OGS slot for the great work you have 
been doing for the community, really very much so!

At the same time I must admit at having neglected my duties for OSGeo 
and therefore have to pull myself out of some of the responsibilities in 
the hope that someone with more capacity can and will and wants to take 
over. That's really all.

And I'll also stick around on the list and stay connected and may 
eventually even come back in case my projects are more standards related 
again but right now I am just too distracted by other things to manage 
this place here with the level of attention it deserves.



Am 2017-10-06 um 10:39 schrieb Even Rouault:
> Arnulf,
> > Having said this I would like to offer my resignation from the committee
> > because I very apparently do not manage to process requests in a timely
> > manner.
> Oh! It looks like I may have been too insisting, or in a awkward way. 
> I absolutely did not want this to happen. I know what it is to be 
> burried under hundreds of unread emails, or being busy with many 
> things, and I'm aware that's a position you have as a volunteer. My 
> request is is not life critical. I just meant it as a friendly nudge.
> I hope you may reconsider your decision.
> Best regards,
> Even
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