[OSGeo-Standards] membership renewals

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Mon Oct 16 07:42:10 PDT 2017

Hi Bruce and Arnulf,

Apparently Gérald Fenoy was recently removed from the membership, but he 
has been very active at the TC meetings in terms of WPS evolution for 
the past 2 years.  I think this validates his ability to renew the OGC 
membership, correct?  He may have missed Barabara's renewal emails 
however.  Can Gérald contact Barabara directly now to renew the membership?

In a bigger sense, this example may require us to examine how we track 
who is using the memberships (because sending an email to this Standards 
list isn't always the best example of using the membership - I know in 
my own case through the years, the membership helped me enter & follow 
discussions elsewhere on OGC+OSGeo, which is very important).

Another question: maybe this was also the case for Dimitris' membership? 
  I am not sure though.  Difficult to track.  Maybe there are ideas on 
how to manage this.


(I am not sure if the nomination for adding me into the Selection 
Committee finalized)


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