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Standard for orientation tools


 <http://www.volksnav.de/aSimpleCircle> www.volksnav.de/aSimpleCircle
the 18th sustainable development goal?




Dear Agneta, dear Victoria,


the liason ISO / OSM demonstrates clearly that better standards need
non-conventional co-operations. 


For example, countries which didn’t yet adopt post codes are missing an
useful recommendation, so Ivory Coast and Djibuti adopted proprietary codes
based on names (?), Costa Verde adopted Plus Code, Ghana decided for a
special way www.volksnav.de/GhanaScandal etc.


I’m a German-Brazilian inventor and I’ve developed an orientation system
based on imaginary clocks. Please find on a. m. link my suggestion
concerning location codes which harmonize with other orientation tools. 


In case you give me a chance to convince you, we have only to find a way to
contour the rigid principle “not the best but free” in favor of the merit
principle and the consumer.


Thank you in advance for an objective discussion and


Erfinderfreundliche Grüsse / inventors friendly greetings


Henrique Koehler 

Munich Orientation Convention

StatusQuo MUN m1 r42                            www.volksnav.de/me 




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