[OSGeo-Standards] What are you doing with open spatial standards?

Jonathan Moules jonathan-lists at lightpear.com
Wed Sep 8 09:41:17 PDT 2021

Hi Bruce,

These days I run a search engine for WMS, WFS, WMTS, and WCS services, 
so the standards are obviously at the core of that. 
(https://www.geoseer.net). Behind the scenes it does read from CSWs, so 
that's used too.

I've also used those same standards a number of times in web-GIS'. 
Further back in time some SLD, GeoTiffs, and KML.



On 02/09/2021 02:41, Bruce Bannerman wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> In an effort to get a better understanding of what we are currently doing with open spatial standards, I invite you to share your experiences with this list.
> Lets keep it fairly brief for now. I expect that community members will follow up with additional questions if required.
> Kind regards,
> Bruce
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