[Tilecache] Showing ESRI-data in with TileCache

Michael Östling michael.ostling at metagis.se
Wed Jun 27 12:17:06 EDT 2007


I think it’s I who created the confusion by not really see what tileCache

I’m mixing questions that should better be in OpenLayers dev than in


Yes I will go on with the code you have written for ArcGIS Server 9.2 and
see if I can make it work on my own mapCache.

I will come back on that.


I just need the info on what the OpenLayers.diff file is used for. Has it to
do with making a new build from the storage in SVN? 

I havn’t used SVN so this is a new area for me.


I will at the same time try to use tileCache on the ArcGIS Server WMS
connector (I assume this works, or?). 


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