[Tilecache] Number of simultaneous hit for tilecache (on apache with mod_python)

Martin Ouellet geomartino at gmail.com
Fri Sep 5 15:36:13 EDT 2008


I've made a cache of 30k tiles on disk (200Mo).  The network team that I
work with want to test tilecache to see how he will behave if our Web site
receive a huge amount of user simultaneously.  So I send them a list of URL
with ramdom BBOX so they can call tilecache in a loop to test it.

They simulate 8 users at the same time and the result is pretty good
actually (about 1300 tile /sec.).  but to obtain this result, the CPU is
only running at 27% of his capacity and even if they increase the number of
user, this percentage remain almost the same.  So we were wondering how we
could use more efficiently the CPU and at the same time, increase even more
the performance of the tile serving

Does someone have an explication for this situation?
Can we suspect an apache, python or mod_python, windows limitation?

Here's the technical spec of my server


Windows Server 2003 SP1


8 cores* Intel XEON X5450 @ 3,00 Ghz


3,25 Go

thank you in advance!

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