[Ubuntu] New PostGIS update

Angelos Tzotsos gcpp.kalxas at gmail.com
Sat Jul 6 10:18:12 PDT 2013

On 07/05/2013 10:56 PM, Jerome Villeneuve Larouche wrote:
> Hello,
> As I have been told by Even Rouault, the new PostGIS 2.0.3 update has 
> some package changes which may cause some problems to create new 
> PostGIS DB. The extensions scripts are now in a package called 
> "postgresql-9.1-postgis-2.0-scripts".
> Thanks to Even because I didn't think about it when pushing the 
> package :S and sorry for any inconvenience.
> Jérôme
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Hi Jerome,

I believe it is a good time to discuss the update policy on all 
UbuntuGIS ppa's

Currently we have 3 of them: stable, unstable, testing.
OSGeoLive is based on unstable.
This practically means that if the ppa breaks, the DVD breaks with it, 
which is not a good strategy in my opinion.

What I propose:
1. All the well tested deb files (used in previous OSGeoLive version) 
should be moved to Stable.
2. All new packaging should happen in Testing.
3. Move from Testing to Unstable should happen only if there is at least 
a working version of the package in Stable. So if something is not 
working as expected (like in the postgis case, the previous builds gets 
restored within minutes)



Angelos Tzotsos
Remote Sensing Laboratory
National Technical University of Athens

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