[Ubuntu] Change of libgdal1 to libgdal1h - dependency problems

Pedro Venâncio pedrongvenancio at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 8 16:48:42 PDT 2013

Hi Hamish,

I know, the bleeding edge has these things! :) 

Meanwhile, I reverted everything to the previous versions and I have everything working again.

Thank you very much!

Best regards,

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From: Hamish 


re. the new libgdal1h package, see:

if you use /any/ after-market package repository (such as UbuntuGIS's),
you can expect things not to work from time to time as packaging
changes filter through the system. if you want things not to change
unexpectedly then use the official distro packages. aka be patient,
you're witnessing progress as it happens, and the other packages in
"unstable"(!) will catch up to the new naming soon enough. :)


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