[OSGeo-UK] MSc Thesis: Use Cases needed

Scott, Antony antony.scott at cranfield.ac.uk
Thu Feb 25 08:49:37 EST 2010

Hi all

I'm working on an MSc. thesis in Geographical Information Management at Cranfield, on the subject of open source GIS software for small organisations working with energy-related data. I'm looking for some organisations who fall into this category, and who'd be prepared to spend a bit of time (say an hour, plus or minus) describing some requirements and use cases to me, and also giving a bit of background on their use (current or proposed) use of OS GIS tools.

The drill would be that I would send a short set of emailed questions, and then set up a phone discussion (or visit if practical) to run through them. Any takers? Please let me know if you think you might be able to help (or can suggest anyone else) who would.

thanks in advance

Antony Scott
Cranfield University

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