[OSGeo-UK] UK Training

Matt Walker walkermatt at longwayaround.org.uk
Sun Jul 4 16:30:53 EDT 2010

Hi Guys,

As Jo mentioned in her round-up of #osgis I've volunteered to update the
OSGeo UK site (http://www.osgeo.org/uk) with details of upcoming training
covering open source geospatial.

If you know of any relevant training in the UK then please let me know and
I'll update the site. I'm aiming on adding details to:
http://www.osgeo.org/uk/training_providers. If you can also provide a short
description of the provider in a similar vain to those that already exit it
would be appreciated.

I feel that in order to promote the adoption of open source in the
geospatial space it's crucial for individuals and organisation to be able to
find those people providing support, training, consultancy and
implementation services. With that in mind I'd lets to make a start on the
training front.


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