[OSGeo-UK] Fwd: Training Provider Information

Joanne Cook j.cook at oxfordarch.co.uk
Tue Jul 6 12:10:48 EDT 2010

Hi Matt,

The Geomatics team at Newcastle University have asked me to update you
with our course details for your website to add on your training
providers list. Here are details of 2 relevant courses we have on offer:

Free and Open Source Tools for GIS
Fee: £510
Two day course. 11th- 12th April 2011

Bored of being tied to a certain GIS supplier?
Frustrated by the cost of GIS software?
Yes - then Free and Open Source GIS is the answer.
. It provides quality, scalability, reliability and
security . Offers freedom and flexibility to choose, use,
modify, extend, distribute software and escape
vendor lock in
. Gives better interoperability
. Has simplified licensing
. Has much lower costs - sometimes FREE

Audience: For those who would like to investigate
alternative options in GIS software, Free and Open
Source software could offer a good value solution

. Learn how to use some of the many free Desktop GIS packages available
. Learn how to create spatial databases using free PostGIS software
. Find out how to put your spatial data on the web using Geoserver and
OpenLayers . Learn how to use geospatial libraries to their full
potential . Learn how Open Source licensing works

Introduction to Spatial Databases
Fee: £260
One day course. 13th April 2011
The quality and quantity of spatial data is key to any corporate GIS,
and one of the best
ways to store and maintain spatial data is in a spatial database. Come
and learn about the
different spatial database options available: Learn how to create a
database from scratch,
how to maintain it efficiently and how to run spatial queries directly
on a database to
answer questions.
Audience: The course is suitable for anyone who has a basic GIS
knowledge and is
interested in setting up, maintaining and using spatial databases for
analysis. Goals
. How to install and configure PostGIS - an open source database
. Learn how to connect Desktop GIS to spatial databases
. Discover spatial queries on the database
. How to maintain spatial databases so that they run in an efficient

For further information on these courses and other courses on offer at
Newcastle University please visit our website at
http://www.ncl.ac.uk/cegs.cpd/ or contact Laura Hanson on 0191 222 6080

Many thanks,


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