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dear Mike, all,

On 20/07/2010 22:34, Mike Saunt wrote:
> Is there any way of getting a digest of what was discussed?

I attach my irc log for as much of the meeting as i could catch.
Wouldn't call this a digest exactly, though :)

I need to set up an irc logging bot for okfn channels, would it be
helpful to point it at osgeo-uk as well?

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15:05 < metazool> sorry i'm late
15:05 < Archaeogeek> Hey, no worries
15:05 < Suchith> Hi Jo, do you have a rough agenda for today's meeting?
15:05 < Archaeogeek> No not as such
15:05  * metazool smiles
15:06 < metazool> i'm starting a to-do list for an okf thing, to be like a rolling agenda rather than a formal one 
15:06 < Archaeogeek> That's probably a good idea
15:06 < metazool> who else is everyone? 
15:07 < petewells137> Shall we do some kind of introductions now more people are here?
15:07 < Suchith> sure, good idea
15:07 < Sab> Excellent
15:07 < Suchith> I am Suchith from CGS, University of Nottingham
15:07 < Sab> Saber from Faunalia UK here
15:07 < petewells137> My name is Peter Wells, with Faunalia UK
15:08 < Archaeogeek> I'm Jo Cook, Oxford Archaeology, and nominal representative for OSGeo:UK
15:08 < metazool> i'm Jo Walsh from EDINA at the University of Edinburgh, also Open Knowledge Foundation 
15:08 < addypope> I am Addy Pope from EDINA at Edinburgh Uni, where metazool is based
15:08 < metazool> Faunalia = offshoot of this? 
15:09 < Sab>
15:09 < petewells137> yes indeed, we're their UK representatives
15:10 < metazool> ah, paolo cavallini, rocks 
15:10 < Archaeogeek> Hey, thanks guys for all your help at the workshop by the way
15:10 < petewells137> excellent, i'll have to tell him you said that :>
15:10 < Sab> no problem
15:10 < metazool> :)
15:11 < Sab> Jo C, have you got the to-do list from the meeting?
15:11 < metazool> biab
15:12 < Archaeogeek> I think I have everything- just been checking my emails
15:13 < Sab> i have designed a logo for UK OSGEO
15:13 < Sab>
15:13 < Sab> it's OSgeo main logo
15:13 < Sab> and stonehenge around it
15:15 -!- walkermatt [~walkermat at] has joined #osgeo-uk
15:16 < Archaeogeek> I like the logo a lot, though we need to check on the logo guidelines and it probably needs to say UK somewhere
15:17 -!- mode/#osgeo-uk [+o Archaeogeek] by ChanServ
15:17 < walkermatt> Sorry joined late, do you have a link to the logo?
15:17 < Sab>
15:17 < Sab> i have it in SVG and GIMP
15:17 -!- ant-cranfield [ at] has joined #osgeo-uk
15:17 < ant-cranfield> hi antony scott here from cranfield sorry late
15:18 < Sab> hi antony...
15:18 < petewells137> Archaeogeek - Do you have a rough idea of the location of the majority of OSGeo peoples?
15:18 < petewells137> I was thinking about locations for social events
15:18 < Sab> Pete, you can colletc the IPs and do a GeoIP search! :>
15:18 <@Archaeogeek> Not really- I think there are little pockets all over the place
15:18 < petewells137> from the 3rd to 7th of August is the great british beer festival in earl's court
15:19 < petewells137>
15:19 < petewells137> might be a good event / location for a social
15:19 < petewells137> This is usually also the venue for the big London linux user group meet too
15:20 < metazool> lovely logo
15:20 < metazool> hello ant-cranfield walkermatt 
15:20 <@Archaeogeek> Perhaps a bit short notice for this year, but maybe a good one to aim at for next year?
15:20 <@Archaeogeek> (the beer festival, that is)
15:20 < petewells137> No problem - sounds good
15:21 < ant-cranfield> hi all
15:21 <@Archaeogeek> The next big event is the AGI in September
15:21 <@Archaeogeek> and FOSS4G of course
15:21 < Suchith> I will be there
15:21 < Suchith> for AGI
15:21 < ant-cranfield> yes if we can organise say 3 montsh ahead easier to work around schedules
15:21 < addypope> did we get anywhere with getting a spot at AGI?
15:21 < walkermatt> Looking forward to both.
15:21 < metazool> right, what scope is there to take over a few hours or half day a bit of space at AGI
15:22 < Suchith> Can we arrange meetting at AGI
15:22 < petewells137> Which date is the AGI? i'm trying to locate more info online
15:22 < Suchith> even if it informally over lunch break perhaps?
15:22 < metazool>
15:22 < addypope> with Shadbolt doing a plenary it would be great to have an OSGeo breakout session.....
15:23 < Yanch0> yeah osgeo in agi really sounds fit ;)
15:23 < walkermatt> On the question of location, we should all add ourselves to the member list ( by following the instructions here:
15:24 <@Archaeogeek> Informal lunchtime meet at AGI sounds good to me
15:24 <@Archaeogeek> It would be great to get some time to chat to Nigel Shadbolt too :-)
15:24 < addypope> That souds good Archaeogeek, will try and find out what day he is on.
15:24 <@Archaeogeek> date for AGI is 28-30 september
15:25 < addypope> Yup, but he will probably be on a flying visit.
15:26 < Suchith> Shall we say, we plan meeting on 29th September , lunch time
15:26 <@Archaeogeek> he's on the 30th at 15.30
15:26 < Sab> do we (OSGEO UK) have a paper or presentation there
15:26 < ant-cranfield> would agi be just a meetup or a session to present/bring people in?
15:26 < ant-cranfield> good to do the latter if we could
15:26 <@Archaeogeek> We can only do something informal at the AGI cos at the moment we can't afford to sponsor it (which they will insist on)
15:27 < metazool> ugh
15:27 <@Archaeogeek> BUT I'm talking to them about an "arrangement" whereby OSGeo:UK takes on the open source promotion that the technical SIG isn't doing a great job with
15:27 <@Archaeogeek> which will get around that problem
15:27 < metazool> sounds very interesting 
15:27 < ant-cranfield> that wld be good
15:27 <@Archaeogeek> I'm doing a talk, which will plug OSGeo:UK
15:27 < metazool> maybe consultancies pool promotional resources 
15:28 < Sab> good plan metazool
15:28 < addypope> that sounds like a better way to get into the AGI...
15:28 <@Archaeogeek> yes, that's a plan, and some other people (not here) are interested in that
15:28 < Suchith> me too will put OSGeo:UK  in my presentation
15:29 < boylanj> hello to all...a late... Jonathan Boylan from Newgrove, London...
15:29 < ant-cranfield> can we publicise meetup to get ppl in
15:29 < addypope> EDINA have a presentation at AGI about our new platform and will mention OSGeo
15:29 <@Archaeogeek> Hurrah for lots of OSGeo plugs :-)
15:29 < Sab> indeed
15:29 < Suchith> that will be excellent
15:29 <@Archaeogeek> We can definitely plug the meetup, though informally of course...
15:30 < Suchith> the more presentations talk about OSGeo, that will do us better promotion than anything
15:31 <@Archaeogeek> Next year it would be good to be able to sponsor it and have a stand
15:31 < ant-cranfield> agreed we should aim for that
15:31 <@Archaeogeek> SAB- could you look at adding "OSGeo:UK" to the new logo?
15:31 < Sab> sure
15:31 < Sab> the same font..?
15:32 <@Archaeogeek> There should be guidelines about fonts on the OSGeo wiki somewhere
15:32 < Sab> no problem
15:32 < ant-cranfield> ah is there a logo?
15:32 -!- Yanch0 [~Matt at unaffiliated/yancho] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:32 < Sab> i will have a read
15:32 < addypope> if we sort a time/venue for the lunchtime meetup i will post it as news on GoGeo!
15:32 < petewells137> how much is the sponsorship again?
15:32 < Sab> antony
15:32 -!- Yanch0 [~Matt at unaffiliated/yancho] has joined #osgeo-uk
15:33 < Sab> antony
15:33 <@Archaeogeek> Lunchtime on 29th- venue will depend on how sunny it is, I think :-)
15:33 < ant-cranfield> sab ?
15:34 < ant-cranfield> hmm dead link
15:34 < Sab> should work...I can email it to u
15:35 < ant-cranfield> sure thanks antony.scott at
15:35 <@Archaeogeek> By the way guys, we now have exactly 100 people on the mailing list
15:36 < Suchith> that is good
15:36 < addypope> Archaeogeek - ok, perhaps if we have a meeting point in the hotel lobey we can head off from there.
15:36 < ant-cranfield> has that increased in last few months?
15:36 < Suchith> i am sure, this will increase over this year
15:36 <@Archaeogeek> this has gone up from ~80 before the conference
15:37 < ant-cranfield> 25% good
15:38 < Sab> Jo, you mentioned something about free workshops?
15:38 < Sab> in schools?
15:38 <@Archaeogeek> two separate things
15:38 <@Archaeogeek> stuff for schools, but also workshops (not necessarily free)
15:38 < Sab> i am quite happy to help
15:38 <@Archaeogeek> Excellent
15:38 < Sab> any date?
15:39 < ant-cranfield> (nice logo sab :-) )
15:39 <@Archaeogeek> No- just an idea at this stage
15:39 < addypope> EDINA will have a map stream for some OS data that we are making available to schools
15:39 < ant-cranfield> me too potentially
15:39 < ant-cranfield> help that is
15:39 < Sab> thanks ant
15:39 < addypope> I plan to write some nice instructions on how to attach to this using Open source GIS software......
15:40 <@Archaeogeek> I'd like to arrange some workshops in collaboration with the AGI, but not so many that we compete with the other people organising stuff
15:40 <@Archaeogeek> addypope- that's a great idea!
15:40 < ant-cranfield> are there are other agi events we could plug into
15:40 < ant-cranfield> regional/sig
15:40 < addypope> Certain large geo orientated companies may not agree....
15:41 <@Archaeogeek> Well, open source was supposed to be part of techsig, but that is not working so well (the techsig I mean)
15:41 <@Archaeogeek> talking to Chris Holcroft though, he thinks we might be able to work something out on our own
15:41 <@Archaeogeek> not as a SIG
15:41 <@Archaeogeek> but a different approach (keeps their sponsors happy)
15:42 <@Archaeogeek> Regionally- yeah, if we get approached
15:42 <@Archaeogeek> I know the guys from the northern group and did a talk on open source for them but only about 6 people turned up
15:42 < Sab> encouraging
15:43 < addypope> on the events front - INSPIRE conference will be in Scotland next June -
15:43 <@Archaeogeek> Now that would be a good event to be involved with
15:43 < Suchith> exactly
15:43 < addypope> EDINA may think of running something metadata/opensource around this....
15:43 <@Archaeogeek> yay!
15:44 < ant-cranfield> INSPIRE definitely
15:44 < addypope> there will be an influx of data people so it would be great to piggy back on this
15:45 <@Archaeogeek> Ordnance Survey are interested in open source inspire, as are AGI
15:45 < addypope> yup.....
15:45 < ant-cranfield> be good to get in early on the planning for this
15:46 < ant-cranfield> will there be a series of linked conferences does anyone know like Rotterdam?
15:46 < addypope> NOt sure, they were trying to sort the venue last i heard.
15:47 < addypope> Cameron Easton (Scottish Gov) was pushing for Edinburgh but they tend to avaoid capital cities.
15:47 <@Archaeogeek> Inspire has to be a key thing for us to get involved with- as it's one area where Local Government etc might be keen to look at an open source approach
15:47 <@Archaeogeek> Shame Mike Saunt isn't here (is he?)
15:47 < addypope> See what you think, we have 11 months but getting something set up early would be good.
15:48 < ant-cranfield> maybe a dedicated meeting at some stage and try to get some local gov ppl involved
15:48 <@Archaeogeek> Yes- there would be a lot of work involved but worth doing
15:48 -!- seven [~seven at] has joined #osgeo-uk
15:48 < Suchith> yes, sure
15:49 <@Archaeogeek> Personally I need to get my head around what an open source implementation would actually mean... (in words of one syllable)
15:49 <@Archaeogeek> Anyone know any good starting places for links?
15:49 < addypope> of what? INSPIRE?
15:50 <@Archaeogeek> yes- technical implementation stuff really
15:50 < addypope> on the metadata side, speak to Tony Mathys at EDINA
15:50 < ant-cranfield> irish company
15:51 <@Archaeogeek> Cheers ant
15:51 < addypope> did anyone catch this: sets out the UK gov stall.
15:52 < ant-cranfield> they would be good to talk to - have had a couple of conversations
15:52 <@Archaeogeek> thanks addy- useful
15:54 < Sab> jo... looking at
15:54 < Sab> we have covered the first 3 items
15:55 <@Archaeogeek> Ah ha- there's my list! (Couldn't find it in my email cos it wasn't there!)
15:55 < Sab> how can we help with the others?
15:55 <@Archaeogeek> Got some people keen on case studies- but they need reminding
15:55 < Sab> for Case studies,...i can sumbit a couple in 3-4 months time (when we finish with the jobs)
15:55 <@Archaeogeek> Just have to keep asking for those
15:56 <@Archaeogeek> Excellent
15:56 < addypope> consider myself reminded!
15:56 <@Archaeogeek> :-)
15:56 < ant-cranfield> what is the process for getting a case study done - is there a template
15:56 < metazool> thanks for meeting and good luck all

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