[OSGeo-UK] Thanks for #osgis

Jo Walsh jo.walsh at ed.ac.uk
Wed Jun 23 20:57:36 EDT 2010

dear all,

I really enjoyed #osgis - thanks all the organisers at CGS especially Suchith.

I was sorry to have to miss the workshop with sponsors and organisers  
in different areas that happened today. I would love to hear several  
different perspectives on what happened, posted to this list. I would  
also be fascinated to hear more about re-applying the gvSIG model for  
sustainability to other projects including - especially - OpenStreetmap.

One thread that came up a few times during #osgis wss getting a bigger  
open source profile through AGI events - but explicitly positioning  
this as for business sustainability rather than being shoved into a  
technical corner...

I heard very positive noises from Scottish Government people after  
doing an OSGeo talk at AGI Scotland a couple of months ago. We could  
talk with them about putting on a workshop in Scotland oriented to  
government work, supporting local authority GIS people to attend etc.  
Ask the Welsh Assembly people along.

I was so glad to get the chance to talk properly with Jo Cook and  
think about an OSGeo book for kids. I was introduced to an ex-ESRI  
technical author by Iain McKay at the Scottish Improvement Service.  
One could *attempt* to apply to the Foundation to have a technical  
editor work over a community-patched-together-from-wiki book.

Looking forward to next years (but can we not have it on June 22nd  
every year?)

Jo Walsh

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