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Mike Saunt mikesaunt at astuntechnology.com
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I'd like to add a big well done also.

I sent over some notes to Jo Cook from the 'AGM' that was held which I 
guess she'll post to the list when a bit more coherent than my ramblings.

My personal feeling is that the OSGeo:UK chapter will gain proper 
momentun this year - if you want to be involved and help shape and 
influence not only the chapter, but the industry in the UK as a whole, 
now is the time!

Come on and help - you know you want to!

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On 24/06/10 06:27, Suchith Anand wrote:
> Thanks to all of you who came and supported OSGIS. It was excellent to
> see you all and very inspiring to listen to various presentations. It
> just highlights the breadth of activities happening. We need to build
> upon the momentum generated.
> We are working to have all recorded presentations made available online
> hopefully by next week.
> Jo, will try to move the date from June 22nd for next year's ;-) It
> mainly depends on the logistics of getting all the labs as well as
> lecture theatres available on the same time.
> Thanks again for all of your support and best wishes,
> Suchith
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> dear all,
> I really enjoyed #osgis - thanks all the organisers at CGS especially
> Suchith.
> I was sorry to have to miss the workshop with sponsors and organisers
> in different areas that happened today. I would love to hear several
> different perspectives on what happened, posted to this list. I would
> also be fascinated to hear more about re-applying the gvSIG model for
> sustainability to other projects including - especially - OpenStreetmap.
> One thread that came up a few times during #osgis wss getting a bigger
> open source profile through AGI events - but explicitly positioning
> this as for business sustainability rather than being shoved into a
> technical corner...
> I heard very positive noises from Scottish Government people after
> doing an OSGeo talk at AGI Scotland a couple of months ago. We could
> talk with them about putting on a workshop in Scotland oriented to
> government work, supporting local authority GIS people to attend etc.
> Ask the Welsh Assembly people along.
> I was so glad to get the chance to talk properly with Jo Cook and
> think about an OSGeo book for kids. I was introduced to an ex-ESRI
> technical author by Iain McKay at the Scottish Improvement Service.
> One could *attempt* to apply to the Foundation to have a technical
> editor work over a community-patched-together-from-wiki book.
> Looking forward to next years (but can we not have it on June 22nd
> every year?)
> jo
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