[OSGeo-UK] Spurious Cryllic Script

JOHN WEBBER john.m.webber at btinternet.com
Wed Oct 2 09:47:54 PDT 2013

Opening Qgis 1.8 a few days ago I was presented with menus where some were in English and others in a Cryllic script.  I have checked as many language settings as I can find on the operating system and they still show English as the language and UK as the location.  I cannot see if there is a language option in Qgis as one does not show in the few entries on the drop downs that are in English.  Also I have run a full security scan and that did not pull up any interference.
My next move was to download Qgis 2.0.1.  This initially opened showing all English but when I opened it again the next day that also displayed Cryllic and English.  At this point I uninstalled both versions then downloaded 2.0.1 again and it opened showing both scripts.  Downloading 1.8 also produced both scripts on opening.
I was able to work reasonably well with 1.8 as I am familiar with the menus and could find items I needed.  All well and good until it came to labelling points on a shapefile layer.  Although they were entered in English they displayed in Cryllic.
Can anyone help resolve this situation please?  Maybe all I need is the location of a language selector in the menu system but I would need it in the form of 3rd menu list 5th item as it is obviously one of the Cryllic entries assuming there is one.
John Webber
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