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JOHN WEBBER john.m.webber at btinternet.com
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Hi Jonathan,
Thanks for your suggestion, it produced a solution.  Under Settings - Options - Locale I had to change "UK" to US English and restart.  Why "UK" produced this effect is beyond my understanding.
Thanks again
John Webber 

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Hi John,
You might want to post this to the QGIS user mailing list. It sounds like you have some weird regional settings somewhere, but maybe someone on the QGIS list can advise.



On 2 October 2013 17:47, JOHN WEBBER <john.m.webber at btinternet.com> wrote:

Opening Qgis 1.8 a few days ago I was presented with menus where some were in English and others in a Cryllic script.  I have checked as many language settings as I can find on the operating system and they still show English as the language and UK as the location.  I cannot see if there is a language option in Qgis as one does not show in the few entries on the drop downs that are in English.  Also I have run a full security scan and that did not pull up any interference. 
>My next move was to download Qgis 2.0.1.  This initially opened showing all English but when I opened it again the next day that also displayed Cryllic and English.  At this point I uninstalled both versions then downloaded 2.0.1 again and it opened showing both scripts.  Downloading 1.8 also produced both scripts on opening.
>I was able to work reasonably well with 1.8 as I am familiar with the menus and could find items I needed.  All well and good until it came to labelling points on a shapefile layer.  Although they were entered in English they displayed in Cryllic. 
>Can anyone help resolve this situation please?  Maybe all I need is the location of a language selector in the menu system but I would need it in the form of 3rd menu list 5th item as it is obviously one of the Cryllic entries assuming there is one. 
>John Webber
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