[OSGeo-UK] Spurious Cryllic Script

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Attached as requested.  I do remember when I originally downloaded Qgis that I wondered about  the "UK" setting but as everything appeared in English I was not bothered by it.  I see now that there is no specific "GB" setting just the combined US and GB flag.
Screenshot attached.

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Interesting notion. For me at least Ukrainian appears as "Українська" no matter the language I change it to - I would never have guessed it was Ukrainian, but looked up the flag on wikipedia. 

"uk" is the ISO 639-1 value for Ukrainian, but that would suggest his system settings were set to Ukrainian or QGIS was picking them up as such.
John - can you share a small screenshot of your locale" screen and the language list?


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"UK" I think may stand for Ukraine as far as location is concerned, you may want to use "GB" instead
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>> Hi Jonathan,
>> Thanks for your suggestion, it produced a solution.  Under Settings -
>> Options - Locale I had to change "UK" to US English and restart.  Why
>> "UK" produced this effect is beyond my understanding.
>> Thanks again
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