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Tue Aug 23 14:08:34 PDT 2016

Hi everyone

Thanks for all the support and comments so far. Lots to take on board, but
the main thrust seems to be that there is certainly interest. The challenge
will be fitting the content to one day in a meaningful way - my brain is
refusing to entertain the idea of a two day event at the moment!

If there are others out there with ideas or comments about the format and
content they want to see then please continue to post in this thread, but
in the meantime I'll start to formulate some concrete plans.



On 20 August 2016 at 22:27, AJ Graham <alastair.graham at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone
> I am looking to organise a one day meeting scheduled for Jan/Feb 2017
> about raster processing. I want the focus to be on the use of open source
> software to process open data, specifically open satellite image datasets
> such as those from the Sentinel and Landsat missions, and other open raster
> datasets such as LiDAR derived elevation etc.
> I'm sending this email to
> a) try and gauge what sort of interest there might be for such a meeting,
> b) see whether anyone is interested enough to want to help with the
> organisation :-) and
> c) to find out if there are any specific topics that the community would
> like to see included.
> I have my ideas (see next paragraph) but it would be great to try and put
> on an event that addresses the needs and interests of the community.
> Personally I'd like to see some beginner talks/practicals on open raster
> data (and satellite data in particular) moving on to more advanced topics
> as the day progresses e.g. data dissemination, infrastructure etc. A mix of
> practitioners and developers would be really useful, along with a mix of
> use-cases and software development in the talks and demos. For instance,
> there are a load of Python libraries etc that have been developed for
> raster processing and it would be great to have some of those discussed in
> detail.
> Anyway, if this sort of meeting would be of interest then please reply to
> let me know.
> Also feel free to ping back any comments and questions on this
> Thanks
> Alastair
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