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At OSGeo:UK we are determined to run another FOSS4G UK meeting in 2022.
This would give us all an opportunity to hear about the latest developments
in open source Geo and meet up for some Geo socialising. We are proposing a
new approach and are aiming to meet both in person and 'in the cloud' on
PostGIS day: Thu 17th Nov 2022. This will be a hybrid conference, but with
a twist: there will be no central physical location. The idea is to have a
range of venues, geographically dispersed, where you can physically meet
up, with some sessions streamed to all venues, and other sessions run

We hope to have at least four meet up locations, but will aim for a lot
more. There is no minimum size location, so you can meet up with a couple
of friends locally, or get together with a much larger number in a big town
or city. You will also be able to join remotely, from wherever you are, if
you can't get to a venue.

The schedule for 17th Nov is still to be decided. We plan to have some
keynote presentations which will be streamed to all venues, along with
other workshops and events. These can be streamed to venues for people who
want to participate if equipment is available, or just run locally if not.
We plan to have a range of presentations, demonstrations and workshops at a
variety of levels. We will also have physical and virtual social events.
Sessions that can be recorded will be hosted on the OSGeo:UK YouTube channel
<https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg0wX857AHUGM3qCzR6PcwQ> after the event.

This is where we need you! We need local organisers to step forward and
offer to host an event at their location. Please contact us if you are
interested in helping to deliver FOSS4G UK 2022. OSGeo:UK will be
coordinating the events and are planning to be able to cover costs of room
hire and catering where needed. We will also be looking for sponsorship, so
if you are interested in any or all of these please get in touch.

We particularly need people to organise sessions in:

- The Midlands

- Wales

- North East England

- North West England

- Northern Ireland

We will list these on uk.osgeo.org as we get volunteers.

We also need volunteers to help us plan, coordinate and run the event. We
are having a planning meeting on Wed 30th March, 12:00 - 13:00 on Google
Meet <https://meet.google.com/wvi-mnri-wah>, so please come along if you
want to run a local venue, or volunteer in some other way. If you can't
make it but want to be involved, just let us know.

Looking forward to a great day of events!

Best wishes,

Nick Bearman (Chair OSGeo:UK) and the OSGeo:UK committee

Please send emails to osgeouk at gmail.com
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