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Nick Bearman nick at geospatialtrainingsolutions.co.uk
Mon Jan 15 03:02:56 PST 2024

Hi All,

Hopefully this is a nice Monday morning email to make you smile :-)

The QGIS UK user group has been asked to suggest name for the next QGIS 
release. Usually they are named after the locations of user meetings, 
but since they have had more releases than user meetings, they are 
working through the user groups in turn to ask for suggestions (see 
Anita's email below for details).

Si Miles has suggested "Maidenhead":

    Windsor and Maidenhead Borough Council was one of the first UK local
    authorities to move to QGIS (at version 1.8!) back in 2010/11. It
    was while working at Windsor and Maidenhead that with the support of
    Simon Miles & Matt Travis the UK QGIS user group was born.
    Maidenhead even hosted the first ever UK user group meeting. Windsor
    and Maidenhead also contributed financial to many an QGIS plugin and
    was also a bronze sponsor for a long as I was there. Finally,
    Maidenhead hosted many of the Carry On movies, and has the oldest or
    is one of the oldest football clubs in the UK, if not world! Might
    have to fact check that one though!

    Windsor and Maidenhead is the name of the council ("Royal Borough of
    Windsor and Maidenhead") but Maidenhead is their HQ, and Anita says
    a single name is better than a double name.

Maidenhead is certainly not a tourist hot spot for the UK (sorry Si!) 
but I think it has a nice QGIS history and sounds like a good choice to me.

Does anyone have any other suggestions or comments?

Anita needs to know by Fri 19th, so I will make a decision and let her 
know on Thurs 18th Jan.

Best wishes,

On Tue, 9 Jan 2024 at 6:41 pm, Anita Graser <anita at qgis.org> wrote:


    As you certainly know, QGIS releases usually get their names from
    locations of QGIS developer meetings.

    Since we have more releases than developer meetings, we have decided
    to reach out to our country user groups to select additional release
    names. The country order is determined by the founding date of the
    respective user groups.

    Since QGIS UK is next on our list, I'm reaching out to you to ask
    you for suggestions for release names. The suggestions should be
    place names in the UK (and ideally be related to the user group).

    Besides the name, we will also need a historical map of the location
    which we can use for the release splash screen.

    I'm looking forward to your suggestions. Please don't hesitate if
    you have any questions.


    Anita Graser
    QGIS PSC Vice chair

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