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Hi All,

Thank you for all of your input into the discussion. I certainly learnt 
some new things and I hope you found the discussion 
interesting/useful/something to distract you from whatever boring task 
you may have been doing at the time.

Taking into account the discussion, as OSGeo:UK Chair I have decided to 
use the location of "Maidenhead".

I have passed this on to Anita and you should see QGIS Maidenhead on 
your desktop soon. Simon has happily taken on the task of finding a nice 
historical map.

As Anita said, they are working through the user groups chronologically 
(https://www.qgis.org/en/site/forusers/usergroups.html), so QGIS UK 
(Scotland) will be in after six more user groups, and QGIS UK 
(Wales/Cymru) will be two more after that. Get your thinking caps on!

And some very non physical, bragging-rites only OSGeo:UK prizes from 
suggestions that amused me / I found interesting:

Obscurest link to GIS: James Scott-Brown: (another interesting 
historical geospatial link to Maidenhead is the Maidenhead Locator 
System [1], though its usage is mostly limited to the amateur radio 

Obscurest word definition: Barry Rowlingson ("Maidenhead" is also a term 
for part of female anatomy, related to virginity. It might possibly be 
triggering, but I don't know how well-known or archaic the usage is. 

Best marketing ploy: Paul Whittle (Also, if we are wanting to put in a 
bid for hosting another FOSS4G in the future; would it be worth picking 
a potential venue and then submitting that location as our recommendation?)

Best lateral thinking: Sam Franklin (Just an idea, I see the convention 
is a town or city name, but is there anything stopping us going for a 
street name? If so, how about "Broad Street 
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Snow-cholera-map-1.jpg>" ? 
Personally, I'd love to see that map on the QGIS splash screen one day! :-))

Thanks everyone!

Best wishes,

On 15/01/2024 11:02, Nick Bearman via UK wrote:
> Hi All,
> Hopefully this is a nice Monday morning email to make you smile :-)
> The QGIS UK user group has been asked to suggest name for the next 
> QGIS release. Usually they are named after the locations of user 
> meetings, but since they have had more releases than user meetings, 
> they are working through the user groups in turn to ask for 
> suggestions (see Anita's email below for details).
> Si Miles has suggested "Maidenhead":
>     Windsor and Maidenhead Borough Council was one of the first UK
>     local authorities to move to QGIS (at version 1.8!) back in
>     2010/11. It was while working at Windsor and Maidenhead that with
>     the support of Simon Miles & Matt Travis the UK QGIS user group
>     was born. Maidenhead even hosted the first ever UK user group
>     meeting. Windsor and Maidenhead also contributed financial to many
>     an QGIS plugin and was also a bronze sponsor for a long as I was
>     there. Finally, Maidenhead hosted many of the Carry On movies, and
>     has the oldest or is one of the oldest football clubs in the UK,
>     if not world! Might have to fact check that one though!
>     Windsor and Maidenhead is the name of the council ("Royal Borough
>     of Windsor and Maidenhead") but Maidenhead is their HQ, and Anita
>     says a single name is better than a double name.
> Maidenhead is certainly not a tourist hot spot for the UK (sorry Si!) 
> but I think it has a nice QGIS history and sounds like a good choice 
> to me.
> Does anyone have any other suggestions or comments?
> Anita needs to know by Fri 19th, so I will make a decision and let her 
> know on Thurs 18th Jan.
> Best wishes,
> Nick.
> On Tue, 9 Jan 2024 at 6:41 pm, Anita Graser <anita at qgis.org> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     As you certainly know, QGIS releases usually get their names from
>     locations of QGIS developer meetings.
>     Since we have more releases than developer meetings, we have
>     decided to reach out to our country user groups to select
>     additional release names. The country order is determined by the
>     founding date of the respective user groups.
>     Since QGIS UK is next on our list, I'm reaching out to you to ask
>     you for suggestions for release names. The suggestions should be
>     place names in the UK (and ideally be related to the user group).
>     Besides the name, we will also need a historical map of the
>     location which we can use for the release splash screen.
>     I'm looking forward to your suggestions. Please don't hesitate if
>     you have any questions.
>     Regards,
>     Anita Graser
>     QGIS PSC Vice chair
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Due to my own life/work balance, you may get emails from me outside of normal working hours. Please do not feel any pressure to respond outside of your own working pattern.
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