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I hope I'm doing this right. It doesn't look like my mic was working during the meeting, but the Ohio GIS conference is coming up in September. Randy suggested to me that OSGeo US might spring for a booth and/or materials on the show floor, but there isn't anything posted on their site for that yet. Maybe that's an option. I put in for two talks, but they've not announced what's been accepted. I can get in touch when things get moving on that.

Nathan Saylor (gisn8) 

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  1. Re: First OSGeo US Community Meeting (Guido Stein)
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FYI - the meeting is tomorrow and here is the exact time for those who
understand EST/EDT


On Fri, Jun 1, 2018 at 3:28 PM Guido Stein <guido at guidostein.com> wrote:

> # First OSGeo US Community Meeting
> Tuesday, June 5th
> 6pm
> Online Meeting using jit.si
> For details please visit the wiki agenda page:
> https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/20180606-osgeous-community-meeting
> Feel free to add questions into the agenda if you would like them
> addressed.
> See you soon,
> Guido
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Subject: [US] Intro to QGIS Workshop
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Hello everyone

I wanted everyone to know that I am Louisville, KY at the GeoEd 18 Conference teaching a workshop on Intro to QGIS using the wonderful GeoAcademy materials.


Everyone is very impressed with the power of QGIS

Hope all is well

Tom Mueller

Thomas R. Mueller, Ph.D., GISP

Advisor: Geography Major with GIS and Emergency Management Concentration
Assistant Director / Senior Team GeoTech Center
Department of Earth Sciences, California University of Pennsylvania

"A man never gets to this station in life without being helped, aided, shoved, pushed and prodded to do better." - Johnny Unitas

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